Polly's Brew: Flavoured Camo
Flavoured Camo - West Coast Pale 5.4%When you're hitting the West Coast, you've gotta stay for the sun baby! Whilst Disco Infiltrator is a shameless homage to the Washington and Oregon resinous hop bombs of yesteryear, Flavoured Camo takes a soft top convertible south, along California 1 for a trip along the Pacific Highway. A West Coast Pale Ale certifiably drenched with sunlight, we've taken inspiration from the laid back, relaxed vibe of the Californian way of life in this beer; with a heavy whirlpool addition of Cascade bringing the bitterness to the party to play off perfectly against fresh cut grass, pine, and grapefruit notes from our reeled back use of Chinook and Citra in the dry hop. Fermented clean for maximum drinkability.

ABV 5.4%
Can 440ml
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