Polly's Brew: Back To Earth
It's almost becoming an obsession at this point. As well as constantly bettering ourselves in our quest to brew the best hazy new school beers we possibly can, our mission to make the perfect homage to the breweries we grew up drinking ourselves and marking it with our own Polly's twist is bordering on infatuation now. We decided to ditch the oats and wheat on this beer, opting for a 100% pale malt grist bill, and went completely old school on the hop bill, with Cascade, Chinook, Citra and Amarillo on the cold side, and a hot side addition of Amarillo to boot. The result? A modern take on a certified classic; pithy citrus notes, backed up with a distinctive grassiness, and resinous piney flavours, with a hint of haze.ABV 5.6%Can 440ml
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