Equilibrium: Galactic Time Wave
Galactic Time Wave was built over a zoom call with our friend, Andrew, from Modern Times. Sharing our love for all things galactic, we started off with a cushy base of flaked oats and wheat before a whirlpool of hand selected Galaxy. When it was time to dry hop, we went with Galaxy and Strata to make this beer straight dank juice. Deep saturated flavors of passionfruit, pineapple, lime gummy worms, and triple berry kush lead into creamy mouthfeel and our #EQjuice finish. Galactic fruit flavors with a dank herbal connection makes this beer a perfect companion to look up at the night sky and ponder our Solar System, Milky Way, the gaseous spiral arms, and how it connects to your own time line.

ABV 8.5%
Can 473ml
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